Environmental Social Governance

At SFL Corporation Ltd. (“SFL”) we believe that a reliable and strong health and safety focus onshore and on board our vessels will positively affect the long term performance of the Company. Ensuring safe working conditions is our primary focus. Through our Code of Conduct, SFL strive to ensure that the work environment on shore and on board always meets the highest standards complying with all safety regulations ensuring a safe and trusted workplace irrespective of nationality, race, ancestry or any other basis.

Worldwide waterborne transport remains the most cost and energy efficient means of transporting large volumes of commodities and produced goods, supporting and enabling international trade with dedicated fleets optimized for specific trade patterns or cargo needs, ensuring optimal trade flows. SFL is constantly focusing efforts on increasing efficiency and reducing the greenhouse gasses emitted from our vessels with the belief that improving efficiency and reducing energy consumption will generate environmental and economic advantages.

SFL ESG Report:

GRI Index

SFL believe that a commitment to honest and ethical conduct along with integrity are key values which are embedded into our way of working with customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders and the communities in which we operate. Our commitment to transparent and honest business is outlined in our Financial Crime Policy which commits us to the most stringent rules and regulations which is in line with our NYSE listing commitment.

Sustainability-Linked Bond Framework:

Our Sustainability-Linked Bond Framework provides an opportunity for investors to learn about SFL’s priorities in contributing to lower climate gas emissions in the shipping sector. The framework was used as basis for a successful placement of a USD 150 million senior unsecured sustainability-linked bond.