SFL Corporation Ltd.

Established in 2003, SFL has developed from a pure tanker owning company to one of the world’s largest ship owning companies, with investments in the tanker, bulker, container and offshore segments and a significant charter backlog. The Company was listed on the New York stock Exchange in 2004 and has paid dividends every quarter since.

Our primary business strategy is to continue the profitable growth of our business, deliver quarterly dividend payments and increase long term distributable cash flow per share.

We will achieve this by:

Expanding our asset base 
We will increase our asset base through timely and selective acquisitions that are accretive to long term distributable cash flow per share. Our acquisition strategy includes placing new building orders, acquiring new and modern second-hand vessels and entering into medium or long term charter arrangements. We may occasionally acquire vessels with no or limited initial charter coverage, and we will sell aging vessels if and when we believe this is in the long term interest of the Company and our shareholders.

Diversifying our asset mix 
Our diversified asset mix is a key factor in our ability to pay long term, sustainable dividends in what can often be a highly volatile market. Our varied asset base already includes crude oil tankers, dry bulk carriers, container vessels, car carriers, chemical tankers and drilling rigs and we believe that the expertise of our management team will provide us with opportunities to expand this base with quality vessels and further assets that are of long term strategic importance well into the future

Diversifying our customer relationships
Since 2004 we have increased our customer base from just one counterpart to a wide and diverse customer base. An overview of our assets and chartering counterparties can be found on the fleet page. We will continue to expand our relationships with existing customers and also to add new customers, as companies servicing the international shipping markets continue to expand their use of chartered in assets to add capacity.

Pursuing medium to long-term charters for our vessels 
We will continue to pursue medium to long term charter opportunities for existing and new assets in order to deliver predictable future cash flows. Where appropriate, we may also seek to enter into charter agreements that are shorter and/or provide for profit sharing, so that we can generate incremental revenue and share in the upside during strong markets.