SFL – New Web-Site

Ship Finance International Limited has launched a new web-site today on www.shipfinance.bm. Over the last few years the Company has seen an ever increasing flood of requests for information on dividends, announcement dates, reports etc. We hope with this new design that many more people will be able to help themselves and thereby leave the Company’s precious resources – its human software – to do what they should, that is help the Company outperform the market.
We have made the following information available on the front page of the web-site:
Latest press release
Latest report
Latest presentation
Share value: updated share prices on New York Stock Exchange. It is also possible to click on the link called details to get historical share price, you can compare the share with its peers in the tanker market, it is also possible to calculate dividend reinvested since inception, etc.
Latest dividend: amount, ex-dividend date, record date and payment date for the latest dividend. You will also find an explanation on the different dates. Latest dividend will be updated when we have new information.
Financial calendar: this shows when we will issue the quarterly reports. This might be subject to changes and the web-site will be updated if changes occur.
We wish you all safe navigation.
June 20, 2005
Frontline Management AS
Jonas Ytreland
Bengt Neteland